2014 Music Preview: A Look Ahead

Three new artists that will be making their entrance onto the music scene in 2014 are a rapper and two bands that you need to take a listen to….

The next hottest rapper to emerge from the Odd Future Crew will be 22-year old, Los Angeles based Pyramid Vritra. If Kanye West set the standard of rap music with Yeezus in 2013, be prepared for Hal Williams, aka Vritra, to bring it to the next level in 2014. His debut album Indra is set to be released next month. His rhymes and obscure beats on his debut album will turn rap music to space age music in the coming year.

Check out one of Pyramid Vritra’s “The Story of Marsh Lotus” below:



Big Ups is bringing the punk back this year with their album Eighteen Hours of Static. Their distinctive sound is a aggressive new way to look at rock this year. The dormant sound of punk rock will awake from its slumber this year with the screamo band Big Ups. Take a look at their video for “Goes Black”.


Finally, the Shy Hunters recorded their album Oh That I Had Wings with producer Alex Newport and are also ready to make a big splash this year with their light rock riffs and 80s throwback sound. Influenced by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, Hunters are trying to recreate a sound all on their own. Check out their video for “Time Bomb” below.


Who do you think will blow up in 2014? Leave a comment below.

Author: Robby

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