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Calvin Richardson has been in the game for close to 20 years crooning R&B tunes out. Born and raised in North Carolina, Richardson just recently caught the attention of soul singer Eric Benet, who just launched a new record label, called Jordan House Records and wanted Richardson to represent it. While his roots are in Gospel music, Richardson knows how to belt out a good R&B tune from the depths of his soul including his most noted song that charted number 73 on the billboard charts called You’re So Amazing.

Richardson put on a solid show at SOBs this past week and sang some oldies and an upcoming new song with mentor Benet. Richardson had some time to talk post show for his love of R&B and his upcoming new album.

Do you think R&B is dead or do you think there’s a new neo-soul movement on the horizon? Do you think R&B was more popular in the 90s than it is now?

I don’t think R&B is dying out, but there’s not a lot of soul singers on the scene as there used to be. I think there are a number of artists out there that are going to keep it alive. I think R&B is more popular than ever now.

How did you end up meeting Eric Benet?

It was via telephone in July of 2013. Eric had just started a new record label, Jordan House Records, and he always wanted to work with me, so he asked me to join.

How have you changed since your debut CD, Country Boy?

Well, I obviously have grown a lot. I had to figure out who Calvin Richardson is and what I wanted to bring to the game. When I started out with the Country Boy album, the powers that be put me with different producers at the time. I couldn’t totally be me. Benet definitely let’s be myself on this new upcoming album.

You have been doing this since 1995. Do you ever get frustrated that your music has not reached the masses?

I have had my moments; I can’t lie. That never stopped me to work and strive to get me in the position of where I am today. Going back to 1999, I had at least six record deals when no one knew what to do with an artist like myself. I continued to do what I do and that’s what kept me relative enough to grab Eric Benet’s attention to be the flagship artist to represent Jordan House Records.

You have a new album in the works for 2014. What’s the inspiration behind it?

 It’s still about life, but more sensual and upbeat. It’s about the intimate side of relationships.

What social network do you utilize the most?

 I’m on them all, but I usually go on Facebook first.

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