Jillette Johnson stirs emotions at Joe’s Pub

Meet the edgier Tori Amos: Jillette Johnson. Johnson is beyond her time of today’s pop music. Astounding and surprising vocals left the audience at Joe’s stunned. Johnson is classy and leaves an emotional mark with her exceptional lyrics. Sporting an all leather rock star ensemble Saturday night at Joe’s Pub made you think she was the next Sheryl Crow, but she evoked emotion with her epic piano playing backed with her breathtaking band featuring a cellist, drummer, guitarist, and keyboardist.

Known for her breakthrough single, “Cameron”, Johnson played to a full room that connected to every single song. Johnson’s debut album, Water In a Whale, evokes true human spirit and songwriting in this sloppy Miley Cyrus-pop era.

Johnson also performed a chilling rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” that left the crowd at Joe’s Pub with a standing ovation. If we had more Jillette Johnson’s in this era and less twerking, the world would be a better place.

Author: Robby

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