New Artist Profile: CLOVES

Critics and fans are already hailing the young talent that is CLOVES as the Australian Adele. Kaity Dunstan who goes by the moniker of CLOVES was born in Australia in 1996. Cloves has a way of making singing look all too easy. When she effortlessly belts out a tune, it may remind you of the powerhouse of Adele’s vocals for a minute, but the singer claims her singing is still a work in progress.

The singer already conquered NYC’s Joe’s Pub with a passionate, low key performance. Her songs, somber as they might sound, are stories of despair (see “Don’t Forget About Me”), but the just released “California Numb” is an up tempo track that proves Dunstan can write to an upbeat song and not get pigeonholed or known just for her slow ballads—amazing as they are.

CLOVES new song for “California Numb” sounds like an escape from the burnt out scene that is Los Angeles. “They said change your name/It’s the price you paid down” but in reality the singer says it’s about catching yourself off guard. “It’s about the moment you realize you’re becoming somebody you don’t want to be.”

CLOVES stunning EP, XIII, is out now. Expect a full length debut out later this year.

Check out “California Numb” below.

Author: Robby

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