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Canada’s indie rock scene is ever evolving. The freshest sounds are now hailing from Lindsay, Ontario from indie band The Kents. They are helping to shift the scene once again thanks to their Waking EP. The rock quartet is comprised of Warren Frank (vocals), Freddy Kwon (guitar), Luke Shauf (bass) and Tanner Paré (drums). 

The band was born in 2014 thanks to a high school project. From there on they emerged as one of Toronto’s leading bands that can be compared to Young the Giant, both vocally and sonically.

Modern Frequency talked with Warren Frank over the phone about the band’s influences, how they became a band, and breaking the mold both in and out of Canada.

How did the band get together?

We all met in high school and our project was to cover a song from a different era every week. We asked our teacher if we could stay together and keep on playing. Then we started a real band.

So you initially started with cover songs, then?

We wanted a band for a quite a number of years. We finished high school and then we went to all different universities across Canada for the most part. We would occasionally play a local coffee house and spent summers writing our own songs. We decided to give it a go after we were done with college.

Did the band initially have a tough time getting airplay and record label attention?

For the airplay response, we have a great team behind us. It was a tough time at first because we were not good enough at first. That is the way it should be. Canadian radio has high standards and I think that’s fantastic. Now it’s excited to be played on any radio station.

The Kents are vocally and sonically comparable to Young the Giant. Were they an influence on the band, if not, who was?

Yes, absolutely. I think we have a big range of influences. Sameer Gadhia, the lead singer from Young the Giant, is an influence on me. It’s a big compliment. That means I am trying to do my own voice while still  drawing on influences.

What do you want fans ton take away from the Waking EP? Where did you get the title from?

The title comes from the first single, “The Stakes”. “Waking to the sound of new beginnings..” We thought that really encompassed what the EP was. It is a new chapter or new era. We thought that covered it properly. We were apart when we wrote the songs. The EP was a product of four young guys eager to make and create music and figure things out.

What do you think is the difference between the Canadian and American markets right now? Is it a goal for the band to break into the States?

Sure! I think we want to be played anywhere we can. I think it’s tough to put your finger on. In Canada we have the CBC and in the States you have NPR. It’s hard to break into other areas because people rally around their communities. I think a big factor is to play and tour. I also think in order to break into the states, we have to build a reputation for band that people will want to see.

Are there plans for a tour stateside soon?

Nothing too soon, but it is definitely a huge goal. We want to play anywhere and everywhere people want to see us. It’s definitely a priority though.

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