Q&A: Trent Reznor handpicks drummer Ilan Rubin for new record

Child music prodigy at 8 years old, drummer Ilan Rubin, has mastered not only the art of drumming, but has guitar and piano down now as well. Rubin’s resume included drumming for Lost Prophets, Paramore, and now the infamous Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor invited him to come aboard after he saw him play for Lost Prophets.
Rubin also has his own project out entitled Exhibit A under his band and ultimately own solo project, The New Regime. I was entitled an interview with Rubin as I talked to him briefly over the phone about being discovered by Trent Reznor, the New Regime, and being a child prodigy.

Your new solo project, The New Regime, just released the first of three new albums, entitled, Exhibit A. What are your feelings right now and what sparked interest in this project since you have so much going on right now on your plate?

I am really happy with everybody’s response to it so far. It’s good to see the music I have been working on see the light of day after all the work and preparation that has been put into it. I’m constantly writing music, so when I start putting enough material together to form a release, it pretty much determines when I have something coming out.

You were a music child prodigy when you were younger. You played drums, guitar, and piano at 8 years old. What drove your motivation?

I just had a lot of time playing. Drums are something I picked up very naturally. Guitar I picked up because I played drum and bass. Piano was probably the most random one. I played keyboard, then eventually worked up to piano. I enjoyed playing and practicing to get better at them.

You have quite the resume. You played with Lost Prophets and Paramore, only to work your way into the Nine Inch Nails camp.

I spent most of the beginning of this year with Paramore. I stopped with them because I had to start with Nine Inch Nails.
Going back to 2007, I was with the band Lost Prophets at the time and we were playing right before Nine Inch Nails at the Reading Festival in the U.K. and he saw me play. Josh Freese, NIN’s drummer at the time, left the band, Trent Reznor got in touch with me, then and asked me to join.
You were many hats in your solo project, The New Regime. Do you like the production side or playing the music?

Production is the next element that brings everything together. It’s a very important element to execute what I wanted.

Where does The New Regime fit into today’s music scene?
I don’t really know. I think it’s very different and probably more thought out and in depth than what’s out there right now. I don’t think there’s anything out there right now like it.

Are you going to go on tour with it eventually?
As soon as I have the schedule, I will. The New Regime has played live before. I have Hayden Scott on drums, Daniel Rubin, my brother, on bass and I just need to find the right guy for guitars.

Who is your favorite band to work with?
The most unique band to play with was Nine Inch Nails. They have the largest back catalogue and have been around the longest. It’s very satisfying in many ways because there are many instruments to play. It’s the most in depth and well-rounded band I played with. Drums are not the only instrument I play with them.

You mentioned that one of your favorite NIN albums is With Teeth in a recent interview. What is your favorite album from the New Regime?
So far I have to go with Exhibit A.

What is the best advice you got from anyone from the music industry?
I can’t really pinpoint or say that I got too much advice from people. I just practiced and worked really hard at what I could.

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